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Scholar Program Overview

Become a French Wine Scholar!

The French Wine Scholar program is a U.S. wine industry-endorsed and Wines of France-endorsed wine study and certification program.

It was developed by the French Wine Society to provide current, accurate information on the wine regions of France and validate proficiency in the Wines of France.

Intermediate to advanced students of wine who follow this in-depth curriculum and pass the exam will earn the French Wine Scholar (FWS) post-nominal.

Learn more: Detailed Curriculum

There are two paths to the FWS post-nominal…Self-study or Attending classes

Member/Student Reviews 

Rating 5
Kevin Sharkey

The FWS program is an excellent program for the seasoned industry veteran as well as someone who is just learning about wine. The information is presented in a logical and well thought out allows the student to build layer upon layer of information to their knowledge base. The material and maps help to give the student a better understanding of how important terrior is to the taste, style, and quality of wine.

Rating 5
Matthew Anderson, FWS

Approachable, yet complex. The FWS program provides a foundation of knowledge that is both challenging and practical. The book helps make the connection between history, soil, and grapes; which is essential in understanding French wine.

Rating 5
Christine Campbell

Do you like wine? Do you love French wine? If so - the French Wine Scholar program is for you. Very comprehensive with a historical and cultural component, this program truly furthers information and confidence about the best wine country in the world.

Rating 5
Tristan Kindy, FWS

The French Wine Society has done an excellent job of creating a study program that appeals to those interested in expanding their knowledge of France and its wine industry. In depth, comprehensive, specific, this course was more detail than anticipated and a lot of fun! If you are a wine professional looking to hone your "Franco-files" or an avid wine enthusiast who wants to geek out a bit, this course is highly recommended.

Rating 5
Brian K. Christ, FWS

The manual is very well laid out with pertinent information that goes beautifully hand in hand with the online program. It has given me a new appreciation and understanding of French wine. In fact, I am trying to use the information not only in my profession, but to add to my tasting experiences as well by purchasing a bottle from as many of the different AOC's as well! An excellent learning tool through and through.
For anyone wanted to start a base knowledge and work their way to a rather thorough understanding of French wine and its laws, AOC's and characteristics of the wines themselves, this course has it all. Highly recommended for both newcomers and well seasoned wine students alike.

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